Alaska Native Heritage Center, 15th Anniversary

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We welcome and encourage qualified members of the media to use the media room to research and locate images and information for use in your articles and stories about the Alaska Native Heritage Center.  Please contact the Public Relations Specialist directly for additional assistance and information.

Since opening in 1999, the Alaska Native Heritage Center’s mission is to preserve and strengthen the traditions, languages and art of Alaska’s Native People through statewide collaboration, celebration and education.

Recent remarks do not honor the legacy or dignity of Alaska Native People; plans by a Lower 48 based organization to travel to Alaska to protest native culture remind us that the Center still has much work to do to educate the public about our rich cultures, traditions and histories.

Now in our 18th year of operation, ANHC promotes the understanding and awareness of Alaska Native People and cultures through education, artistic practice and celebration. In this way, ANHC will uphold  the traditional value of respect to others as paramount to our cultures and fundamental to our way of life.

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